Balancing Motherhood and a Career

Many women have difficulty balancing a career with motherhood. The key is to make time for both. Luckily, motherhood and a career are not mutually exclusive. You must make time to be emotionally present with your child. Here are some tips to help you find a work-life balance. Getting the necessary sleep is also important. […]

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Desiree Peterkin Bell explains What is Crisis Communication

According to Desiree Peterkin Bell, as the number of threats to business continues to increase, it is important for organizations to develop and maintain a robust crisis communication strategy. In an age of instant news and instant information, organizations should communicate in real time to give employees the most up-to-date information. Crisis communication must include […]

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Working Moms’ Success Tips

According to Desiree Peterkin Bell, what are the best ways for working mothers to succeed? Three ways to assist working parents accomplish their job objectives are discussed in this article. It could be time to change your professional ambitions if you’re having trouble making ends meet. First, you need a strategy for success. However, this […]

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